The amount completed on Enhance Views is not accurate

Example of problem: Enhance Views is reporting I received 30 subscribers on my channel, but my channel shows I haven't received any

This is most common with YouTube subscribers and views, for two reasons:
  1. YouTube does not update the view count or subscriber count immediately and will often take some time to update. This may be why you are not seeing the increase just yet.
  2. Some of the views or subscribers we send from Enhance Views are not counted by YouTube for one reason or another (view wasn't not long enough, user hit a limit, etc.)
Why you don't need to worry:

After we think we have sent all the views, subs, likes, etc. we will move the video to "Processing" where we will ensure that you hit the correct target. If not, we will requeue the request and continue to do so until you hit the correct amount.

So don't worry if you haven't hit the target just yet. As long as your request is "Active" or "Processing", we will make sure it gets the amount you redeemed before marking it as "Completed"

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